Road Traffic Law

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Road Traffic Law

You were in a traffic accident? Then you should contact us immediately to discuss the circumstances of the accident and take appropriate legal steps – irrespective of whether you are the perpetrator or the damaged party.

After a traffic accident it is important to contact us as soon as possible, so that we can enforce your claims towards the third party vehicle insurance.

We assess all questions of liability for you and realistically appraise, which compensation claims can be enforced.

Our experience shows that damaged parties represented by an attorney, regularly attain significantly higher compensation payments than damaged parties, who have not sought legal representation.

Sanctioning and Criminal Proceedings

We are also here for you, when you are accused of an administrative offence or a traffic offence. Be it drunk driving or unlawfully leaving the site of an accident. In such cases, the revocation of one’s driving licence, as well as a blocking period is often the consequence.

As mobility is important for many in their professional lives, legal representation is important in such cases to prove your innocence or at the very least mitigate the worst consequences of the offence.

After accessing the investigation file, we can point out different courses of action that may deflect a licence suspension or at least shorten the duration of a suspension.

We represent you at the motoring fine authority and the police, as well as at court.

Important: As only an attorney-at-law can access investigation files, it is recommended to engage us as soon as possible. The sooner you commission us as your attorney, the better your chances of success are.

Contact: Attorney-at-law Thilo Adler